Finding the Right Paint Color for Your Business

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December 18, 2018
Finding the right paint color for your office

A fresh coat of paint around the office really energizes employees and customers. It is not something you want to overlook because you want to send the correct message with the right paint color you choose. This is particularly important if you plan on staying in this office space for a while. Here are tips for selecting the right color for your office.
Consider Your Industry
What kind of message do you want to send to customers or clients with your business? Finding the right paint color for your business can do just that! Restaurants and retail stores that seek to excite and energize the customer base may want to choose a combination of red, yellow and orange. Medical practices and insurance offices will probably be better off with purple, blue and silver, which produce a calmer, more relaxing vibe.
More creative professions will benefit from brown and green because these are more natural colors. Finally, some offices will benefit from neutral colors that bring some high-end appeal. Beige, white and gray will be preferable for marketing companies and design firms.
Paint the Walls the Same Time You Replace the Carpets
Although you can paint the walls at any time, you should consider doing it around the same time you will get new carpets. In instances where building management takes care of the carpets, you should communicate with the manager to determine when that will be. You do not want to end up painting the walls only to soon discover the management wants to install new carpets that are a completely clashing shade.
Contact a Painting Service That Specializes in Commercial Spaces
Painting a commercial building is far different than painting a residential home, so you need painters who know precisely what to keep in mind. Contact PR Commercial Painting when your office needs an update. Our painters can even provide advice as to which colors would be best if you are at a loss. Give us a call today at 610-232-7332 to learn more!

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