3 Signs that Your Building’s Interior Needs a New Paint Job

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September 25, 2019
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Does your building’s interior need a new paint job? If you grimaced while reading this or stopped to think about it, then the answer may very well be yes. Whether your customers visit your place of business or only employees spend time on-site, appearance can make a difference. Here are three solid signs it’s time to call a commercial painter.

Flaking and Peeling

Cracking, peeling, and flaking can occur for a number of reasons. While a paint job will become necessary in the end, you should also spend some time resolving any underlying issues that may lead to this. Moisture in the walls from leaks may be to blame. Unfortunately, the problem may also be a bad paint job or the use of low-quality paints. Note that if humidity is a longstanding issue in the building, you need a few extra coats for protection.

Damage to the Walls

A lot of incidents can lead to damage to the walls in the office or retail space. Moving furniture and equipment can cause bangs and dents. Doors without stoppers may also slam into the wall behind when opened too forcefully. Finally, if the building is open to the public, delinquents may deface the property on purpose. Bathrooms stalls especially may soon become filled with graffiti which may include content that is offensive to other customers.

Time for a Change

Sometimes, it’s just time to try something new. Maybe the business recently changed hands or you did a full rebranding and changed the logo and colors. When this happens, you may want to update the interior to match the new theme. After all, branding is more than websites and business cards. Creating the right ambiance is important too.

If you believe your building’s interior needs a new paint job, contact PR Commercial Painting. Call 610-632-8629 or email us today to learn more!

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