How Often Should I Be Painting the Exterior of My Commercial Building

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When you own a commercial real estate property it is important to keep it in good condition visually as well as physically. The state of your building is the first impression you will make on potential customers, so you want it to be a strong one. A good general rule of thumb to painting the exterior of your building is every five years, but there are other factors to consider which can adjust the timeline.

How It Is Being Used

The first factors to consider when finding a painting schedule is the general use of the building. If it is a client-facing location you will want to stay more on top of the look of the building to put your best foot forward, while a warehouse which is not seen by clients is a lower priority. If you are not the occupant of the building and instead rent, you should paint earlier rather than later to keep your renters happy.

The Makeup of the Walls

Two other important factors which can adjust the frequency you need to repaint are the materials in the wall and the color. Materials like brick or concrete hold color well and can go upwards of a decade while still looking great, while other materials like wood can need repainting in as little as three years. You should also paint more frequently if you use bold colors. Reds are particularly vulnerable to fading and will need to be repainted more often than lighter colors which show fading less.

Where Your Building Is Located

The final important element to consider when painting the exterior of your building is where it is positioned. If your building is likely to receive a great deal of direct sunlight throughout the day, that is going to have a negative effect on the staying power of your paint job. If your building receives heavy sunlight throughout the year, it may need repainting in as little as three years.

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