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August 12, 2019
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If your office is looking drab and you’re feeling uninspired, it’s time to invest in some interior paint. Painting the interior of your office can have a dramatic effect on the overall attitude and productivity of your employees. Here are three common office colors and how each can affect your office differently.

Inspiration Yellow

The right shade of yellow can be inspiring, invigorating, and awakening. This is why yellow is a popular color for home kitchens and other early-morning rooms. Choose yellow interior wall paint for your office of designers and creative workers to encourage innovative solutions to complex problems. Yellow is a great option for encouraging inventive and productive meetings.

Calming Green

For a calm, comfortable color for long-haul work environments, consider green. Because green is easy on the eyes, it’s often used in offices that put in long hours. If you have long shifts or plenty of over-achieving workers, find a calming shade of green for steady productivity.

Powerful Red

Whether your employees are active or you need them to notice something immediately, red is the way to go. Red is a powerful, inspiring color, both emotionally and physically. Painting your walls red can help encourage physical projects to get done quickly and effectively.

Selecting Shades

Of course, the wrong shade of any color can be distracting and unpleasant, rather than inspiring or calming. The tone and shade you choose can make a tremendous difference in the overall productivity of your office, so consider asking a professional painting company to help you sift through the many shades of your chosen color for the perfect option for your interior office walls.

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