What to Ask a Potential Commercial Painting Contractor

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January 21, 2019
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Whether you have never done it before or have done it twenty times, it is never easy to decide who you will hire to do your commercial painting. Your business is important to you, so of course, you want the best paint job possible. Here are some reasons that the paint matters:

  • The exterior of the building is a client’s first impression of your company
  • The paint job either makes a building look well-kept or run-down
  • Color and style show off the personality of the business
  • Paint can be long-lasting and durable, or it can fade and deteriorate quickly

Ask the right questions to potential commercial painting contractors and ensure that you make the best choice when it comes to who will paint the building that is home to your business.

Project Size

Choose a contractor who can handle the size of your building. Ask about their experience and previous projects that they have successfully managed. Jobs range in size from 1,000 dollars to 1,000,000 dollars. When you meet with potential contractors, ask what ranges they are comfortable with.


Does the potential contractor provide accurate estimates? Look at reviews to see what people have said about the end cost of projects. Talk to the contractor about costs that might be outside of the estimate. Find someone who gives you a precise approximation of what the job will cost.


Ask about the timelines that potential contractors provide. Look at reviews of each contractor’s services. Do they get the job done on time, or are they known for taking longer than predicted?


Find someone who creates beautiful, finished spaces. Ask potential contractors about their goals and find a company that seeks to outdo itself and exceed expectations.


Lastly, ask potential contractors about the relationship. Will they be in constant communication with you, or will it be a chore to try to talk to them? Contact PR Commercial Painting today at 610-632-8629 or send an email for a company that gives the best answer to all these questions and wants a relationship with you.

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